The Doomed DAO

The Doomed DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to the collection, appreciation, and promotion of digital artworks created by XCOPY, a renowned and iconic crypto artist. By leveraging the collective knowledge, resources, and interest of our members, we aim to establish a valuable and diverse digital art portfolio, foster a thriving community of XCOPY enthusiasts, and most importantly contribute to the broader development of the crypto art ecosystem.

Digital Art & XCOPY

Digital art has transformed how we create and consume art in the digital age. Crafted using digital tools and platforms, this art form yields dynamic, intricate pieces that can be shared and admired globally. But how do artists ensure authenticity and ownership of their digital masterpieces? The answer lies in the innovation of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. NFTs offer better benefits for artists, collectors, and the public simultaneously. These tokens not only safeguard the rights and originality of the artwork but also provide unparalleled benefits for artists, collectors, and the general public. As everyone enjoys the beauty of the art, artists receive rightful recognition and compensation, while collectors obtain a distinct digital work with immutable provenance on a public blockchain. A prime exemplar of this digital renaissance is the renowned artist, XCOPY.

XCOPY fuses death, dystopia, and crypto themes in chaotic visual loops. Emerging from the tumblr golden age, he developed a distinct aesthetic. Embracing NFTs and CC0 licensing, XCOPY set the stage for countless derivative works. Unprecedented sales have demonstrated his enduring influence in digital art.

Join the DAO

To qualify for membership to the DAO, one must own The Doomed DAO membership NFT (TechWontSaveUs).

The Doomed DAO and affiliated parties do not sell the TechWontSaveUs token or NFT. The above link is to an exchange which is a peer to peer platform. You can buy the NFTs from other members. Membership in The Doomed DAO is exclusive and operates on an invite-only basis. This ensures a committed and aligned community, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

One can also follow the DAO or join our discord server for updates. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Jediwolf.

The Doomed DAO Membership: Benefits and Access

The Doomed DAO membership NFT grants:

  1. Collection Co-Ownership: Partial ownership of The Doomed DAO's Collection, offering you a corresponding portion of the DAO's collective assets, relative to the number of membership NFTs in your possession.
  2. Exclusive Community Access: Entry to the members-only community Discord, where you can connect, collaborate, and engage with other members. (Subject to the Discord server rules.)
  3. Governance Influence: Voting power in key governance decisions, shaping the direction and operations of The Doomed DAO. Note: Acquisition decisions are currently reserved for the nine founding members. These members act as an 'acquisition committee' and conduct secret votings to prevent front-running and to secure the best possible deals.
  4. Member-only Art Drops: Access to special art mints and unique pieces, reserved solely for members of The Doomed DAO.
  5. Priority: Existing members and holders The Doomed editions by XCOPY have priority over potential new members for increasing their exposure with The Doomed DAO membership NFT when obtaining more.

The Doomed Editions

Holders of The Doomed editions by XCOPY are granted some access to The Doomed DAO discord server without the membership NFT.


The Doomed DAO are enthusiasts of XCOPY art, community, and existential dread. We are a separate entity with no direct affiliation with XCOPY.